Friday, June 11, 2010

Braid Cable Reversible Hiking Scarf

This is similar to an Irish Hiking Scarf, but with braided cables.  And, it's completely reversible.  

The scarf pictured is made with Red Heart Soft yarn in Sea Foam, and 5mm needles.  The completed scarf measured 6" wide, and 5 feet long and used about 2.5 skeins.  Remember that reversible patterns use up more yarn!

COACH Legacy Stripe Scarf

I have to admit that I participated in the pricey handbag craze a few years ago.  My husband bought me a Coach purse with a cute striped lining inside.  The stripe is called "Legacy".  Anyway, determined to make use of this purse again, I decided I would make a designer inspired scarf to match.

I used inexpensive Lion Brand, Vanna's Choice Yarn, except for the off white yarn, which was Impeccable brand from Michaels (the color was Aran, I think).  I am unsure of the yardage but  I have made three of these scarves so far... one with cables, another was about 7" wide, and the one pictured here.  I still have enough yarn to make two or three more.  That's a good thing because the minute I finish, someone wants it!

Download the pattern for COACH Legacy Stripe Scarf

Reversible Jumbo Chain Link Scarf

This scarf is so soft and squishy, and was very inexpensive to make.  I made 2 versions of the pattern, not knowing if I would want a wider or skinnier scarf.  I got so far into version 1 (pictured), that I just stuck with it. It's kind of wide, bit it squishes and lays real nicely.  I used 2.5 skeins of  JoAnns Angel Hair yarn in Beige, and 6.5mm needles. The finished scarf is not blocked and measures 5.75" wide by 64" long.

Download Pattern for Reversible Jumbo Chain Link Scarf